Magnat Signature 909, 1 x, piano zwart en makassar

1.849,00 inc. BTW



Top model with 4-way components

  • Hi-Res certified dual tweeter module with two fmax domes
  • 4-way speaker with bass reflex technology
  • Woofer and midrange driver with ceramic-aluminium diaphragm + aluminium die-cast baskets
  • Spikes for secure positioning and acoustic decoupling
  • Finish: Black piano lacquer or Macassar veneer

Top model with 4-way components

The Signature 909 defines the higher end of the 900 series. With fully-fledged 4-way components, it sets acoustic standards and, with a size of around 1.20 m, it also makes a strong optical statement.
The tweeter module is complemented here by a 170 mm midrange driver, accompanied by two woofers with an impressive 200 mm diameter.
This enables the 909 to reproduce the lowest frequencies down to 22 Hz.
With its efficiency of 93 dB, it does not make excessive demands on the connected amplifier electronics – despite its high performance.
It goes without saying that the connection terminal allows bi-wiring and bi-amping, i.e. the use of different cables or even amplifiers for bass and midrange / treble.

€ 1699.- Piano Zwart

€ 1799.- Makassar