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Simply connect the WXAD-10 to your current audio system, and make your whole system smart! Wireless music playback with Bluetooth® and Airplay®, music streaming services, and more are yours to enjoy ― like never before. It’s also compatible with Yamaha’s wireless music system MusicCast, so you can add your audio components to the world of MusicCast and infinitely expand your music listening possibilities. The WXAD-10 brings intelligent new functions into your current system, taking it beyond past constraints and truly making it ‘smart’ with all the latest, convenient features.
– Opening up a new world of music
– MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room
– Control app for easy operations (MusicCast CONTROLLER)
– Connectable to any audio device
– High-quality sound, compatibility with high-resolution sources
– High-quality sound in-house-design network module
– Clavinova, welcome to MusicCast world!
– Simple and refined design


Opening up a New World of Music

The WXAD-10 has high-performance wireless network capabilities that let you stream digital music content from your smartphone or tablet, as well as music libraries from your computer or network storage, plus a variety of online streaming services and Internet radio — for accessing any music you want. Plus, with the MusicCast features, you can share music with MusicCast-enabled devices in other rooms of your home.

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