Yamaha mcr-b020

€219,00 inc. BTW


Interior design with a distinct and personalized style.
Sound underpinned by powerful, rich bass.
In addition to Bluetooth® wireless playback, the MCR-B020 delivers perfect audio from CDs,
USB memory and radio broadcasts.
An audio system for those that demand superior design, great sound and intuitive ease of use.

Enjoy wireless playback from your smartphone, tablet or PC effortlessly with Bluetooth® technology.
In addition to the CD player, USB and FM/AM* radio, it has an AUX-In terminal for connecting a PC or
Digital Audio Player, giving you music enjoyment from a variety of sources in one unit.
An onboard USB port allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet too.

The front-panel floats effortlessly into view.
Designed to relieve pressure on the user, the MCR-B020 fits naturally into any living or private space.
The color lineup includes chic black, stylish twotoned orange and white—choose one that matches your
style and interior design.

The speakers feature a 10cm (3-7/8″) drive unit that employs a large-diameter magnet for enjoying music
with rich bass tones and clear mid and high ranges.
Bass sound is deep and robust, thanks to a large-volume cabinet that acts like a bass drum.

Colour: white and black

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