Magnat Signature Center 53, 1 x, zwart en mocca

399,00 inc. BTW



Powerful centre speaker for home cinema use

  • Hi-Res certified dual tweeter module with two fmax domes
  • 3-way centre speaker with bass reflex technology
  • Klippel-optimized bass-midrange unit and woofer
  • Ventilated voice-coil unit for maximum resilience and dynamics
  • Optimum sound dispersion for use in a home cinema system

Powerful centre speaker for home cinema use

If you also use the Signature range as part of your home cinema, you will find that the Signature Center 53 is the ideal speaker for the front centre channel.
In this case, the hi-res dual tweeter module is flanked by 2 x 170 mm bass-midrange units, as also found in all the other speakers in the range.
This guarantees absolutely homogeneous sound, no matter where the director has positioned the action in acoustic terms.
With its width of 550 mm, the Center 53 is best positioned under the TV, e.g. in appropriate shelving.