Fjord speaker mini design

199,00 inc. BTW



Choosing a wireless speaker for your home has until now often meant a compromise between technical features, acoustic performance, ease of operation, an aesthetic quality. With Tangent fjord mini, this compromise is eliminated for the first time, allowing you to bring home a design piece that satisfies demanding ears, critical eyes, and curious fingers.

Tangent fjord mini is a small wireless speaker with a big sound. It appears as a minimalistic sculpture in the home, inviting operation all by itself. The high-quality materials and seductive finger-touch button makes Tangent fjord mini a physical expression for the satisfaction we experience, when quality in all aspects makes form and function unite on a higher level.

Tangent has always been characterized by an aesthetic design. Scandinavian minimalism with his own signature in the simple lines – created by our own talented designers.

We also work on selected products with external designers. Most startling is our close partnership with Jacob Jensen Design. A partnership, which first saw the light of day in 2010 with the launch of Tangent Fjord – design by Jacob Jensen.

The product series with its three variants was from the start a huge sales hit, and in the fall of 2015 was followed by the new wireless bluetooth speaker Tangent Fjord Mini – again with the unmistakable fingerprints from Jacob Jensen Design. Unlike the earlier models the new Fjord Mini has got build in bluetooth and can play for more than 8 hours on the build-in re-chargeable battery.

It is possible to buy an additional charge station for your Tangent Fjord Mini so you can conveniently charge in more than one location.