DigitRadio 360 cd

159,95 inc. BTW


Noise-free radio in perfect digital quality with extremely robust reception – that’s DAB+ digital radio.
DAB+ overcomes the regionally limited array of FM stations by offering more than a dozen radio stations
broadcast nationwide in optimal digital quality.
There are also numerous national and regional broadcasters extending their radio offerings with additional channels.
Tedious searching and tuning of radio stations are also things of the past.
All you do is select the name of the station you want – TechniSat DAB+ digital radios display a channel
list of all the digital radio channels you can receive.

Thanks to the integrated CD player you can listen to your whole CD collection.
The CD player supports common audio CDs as well as CD-R and CD-RW. You can also play music from MP3 CDs.

With this device, you can also receive conventional FM radio stations in your reception area, in addition
to digital radio stations.
The RDS (Radio Data System) also enables you to receive additional broadcast information and alternative
extra frequencies for the FM radio broadcaster you are listening to.